Baby, Where are We Headed

By Stephen Thompson © 2012

We shoot arrow-headed words at each other,
Then sit in silence together.
We let our feelings go untended,
Til we grow tired and end it.

Baby, I wonder, where are we headed?
Is it worth it any more?
Will we end up in the same place?
Is the victory worth the war?

We are right and fight to prove it,
Standing tall with no movement.
Caring little of consequences,
Waiting for the winds of love to bend us.

Our friends are drawn into the fight,
Forced to choose the winning side.
They watch us battle in confusion,
Hoping for a swift reunion.

We’ve fought and made up so many times,
We could almost do it blind.
When we fight we don’t get any stronger,
Lord give us the strength to go a little longer.